Friday, September 16, 2011

Grey’s anatomy episode summary

Grey’s anatomy is a medical drama series aired on television which deals with the life of the nurses, interns and the physicians who are their guides. This Grey’s anatomy episode summary gives an overview of the series in general and the coming season. This amazing series deals with the way these people sail to complete their medical training and yet maintain a good personal life.

The series was such a hit that it was aired for seven seasons successfully. The last episode of the first season had a whooping 22.2 million people watching this show glued to their television sets. If the first season was a hit, the second and third season saw immense success with the drama getting the Golden Globe Award for the best television series. With seven successful seasons, the series has been renewed for an all-new eighth season.

The fan following for this series has been crazy with many people connecting the characters to their own lives. The fans are all geared up and looking forward to the all new season of Grey’s Anatomy which promises to be even more better than the previous seasons.

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