Friday, September 16, 2011

Your complete guide to Grey’s Anatomy episodes

The medical drama series which aired its first episode on television on 27 marches 2005 went on to become a sensational hit among the viewers. The series has aired 148 episodes in addition to four recap episodes. All of these episodes have had a very high viewership making it the most memorable television series. Your complete guide to Grey’s Anatomy episodes is given below.

Season 1 aired nine episodes from March to May 2005. Season 2 was aired between September 2005 and may 2006 with 27 episodes. This season saw the television ratings of this program climbing up to slot number 5. The third season aired between September 2006 and may 2007 saw 25 episodes being aired. the fourth season had 17 episodes aired between September 2007 and may 2008. The fifth and sixth season saw 24 episodes each being aired in the consecutive two years. The seventh season.

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