Thursday, September 15, 2011

Grey’s Anatomy Episode Recap Pt.1

Can you be bothered to fall in love with another television medical drama series, when for so long you have been a devoted fan of Scrubs, House, Chicago Hope or E.R.? Well, many persons have fallen in love with Grey’s Anatomy, as it brings something new to the table whether it is the moments that have you laughing out loud, or whether it is the moments that make you cry. Grey’s Anatomy introduces you to five surgical interns that later become residents, and the mentors that have helped them along the way at the Seattle Grace Hospital, located in Seattle, Washington.

Shonda Rhimes is the creator of this now popular American medical television drama series. Grey’s Anatomy first premiered on ABC on March 27th of 2005; the series has completed seven seasons since then. If you want to catch up with the happenings of this television drama, you can watch Grey’s Anatomy full episodes online. When you watch these episodes, you will learn of the lives of the mentors, residents and interns of the Seattle Grace Mercy West Hospital (a fictional hospital), and how these characters are struggling to find and maintain a balance between their professional lives and their personal lives.

When you watch Grey’s Anatomy full episodes online, you will be introduced to the characters, which include:

· Meredith Grey, who is the main character and is portrayed by Ellen Pompeo

· Cristina Yang, portrayed by Sandra Oh

· Isobel Stevens (Izzie), portrayed by Katherine Heigl

· Alex Karev, portrayed by Justin Chambers

· George O’Malley, portrayed by T. R. Knight

· Miranda Bailey, portrayed by Chandra Wilson (thought to be the toughest resident)

· Richard Webber, portrayed by James Pickens, Jr. (Chief of Surgery)

· Derek Shepherd, portrayed by Patrick Dempsey (Neurosurgery specialty)

· Preston Burke, portrayed by Isaiah Washington (Cardiothoracic surgery specialty)

Watching Grey’s Anatomy full episodes online, you will learn about Meredith who has to live in the shadow of her mother’s success, and whose childhood traumas heavily impacts the way she often times acts. Izzie has a great personality, and wants to succeed only relying on her abilities and efforts. Cristina is a perfectionist, and she gives persons the impression that she has no emotions. Alex is considered to be a Casanova, while George is thought to be the big brother that the girls can go to with their problems.

Once you start watching Grey’s Anatomy full episodes online you will become addicted to the show, as now you will want to see how the professional and personal lives of the characters play out.

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