Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Grey’s Anatomy Episode Recap Pt.2

Grey’s Anatomy last episode this season, entitled ‘Unaccompanied Mirror,’ has left the heads of many fans spinning, as it turned the lives of Alex, Owen, Cristina, Derek and Meredith inside out. Here is a recap of what took place on Grey’s Anatomy last episode.


After watching this television drama for so many years, fans were finally happen when the iconic couple, Meredith and Derek, got married. And to make their family complete, all the arrangements were made for them to adopt a beautiful baby. However, like always, something eventually goes wrong. This time, Derek has found out that Meredith was responsible for tampering with the Alzheimer’s clinical trial. Can you guess what happened next with Meredith and Derek on the Grey’s Anatomy last episode? Well, Derek decided that he needed some space, and the episode ends with Meredith taking Zola home alone.


As for Cristina, on Grey’s Anatomy last episode you will see that Cristina has found out that she is “accidentally” pregnant. From previous seasons, many viewers already know that Cristina is adamant about not having children, so it is no surprise that she does not want to continue with the pregnancy, while Owen does. Owen pleaded with Cristina to involve in him in the decision; however, staying true to her character, Christina does not. Towards the end of the Grey’s Anatomy last episode you will see where went ahead and had an abortion scheduled, and Owen decided to kick her out of the firehouse.

Many devoted viewers believe that Cristina and Owen will not break up because of what they have been through together; furthermore, everyone wants to know if Cristina is really going to have the abortion done. All you can do now is wait for Season 8 to see what happens.

Alex and the Others:

On Grey’s Anatomy last episode, you can see where Alex is drunk and he makes a very big mistake, which of course has come back to haunt him. From a professional standpoint he may be right; however, the friendship that he has with Meredith will probably never be the same again. Furthermore, the other residents despise him, and like always he has no girlfriend. As expected, Grey’s Anatomy last episode ends showing Karev unhappy.

As for the other characters, Eli and Miranda decided to move on with their relationship; Teddy decided to choose Henry; Arizona and Callie were hardly onscreen on the last episode; Lexie and Mark have finally decided to call it quits - for real this time, at least that is what some fans are hoping; and finally, April was made Chief Resident.

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