Sunday, September 25, 2011


It all began in 2005. The legendary series in the entertainment world has launched their particular date. The Grey’s Anatomy Series is the obvious answer to it. The episode of ABC DRAMA GREY’S Anatomy has become the most preferred TV series in the history of entertainment after their big launched. Statistics reveal that the series gained popularity in so short duration that it gave a tough competition to its TV series of that time. Now let us move to a brief history of it.

The Grey’s anatomy episodes began in March 27, 2005. According to sources, one of the main intentions in launching the series was to gain viewers from the hit series of that time “Desperate Housewives”. After it the launched, it proved very fruitful and it gained almost 90% of the viewers in the world. It started giving a tough time to other on-going series of that time. Seeing its extreme popularity, a second brand new season of 148 episodes had decided on a launched.

The fact that attracted the viewers towards the second season is that it had recap specials as a bonus to its viewers. The Season 3 Episode 22 and 23 featured Kate Walsh as Dr. Addison Montgomery. This continued and one season of the Grey’s Anatomy succeeded the other and it turned out to have season 8 recently. There is an expectation to gain viewers almost double to the number it attracted in the previous season. The names of the episodes of Season 8 is revealed below-

· What is it About Men launched in 2011

· Take The Lead launched in 2011

· She’s Gone launched in 2011

· Free Falling launched in 2011

Most of the episodes have been named after their title songs.

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